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Data Restore / Data Back-up


I can’t Back-up!
I don’t know how to back up!

For iPhone, the data such as contacts, images, apps, etc is most important things: priceless
Actually, it often happens not to back up such important data.

■Battery is strange for some reason, and it doesn’t turn on.
■Owing to dropping into water, it doesn’t turn on
■iPhone doesn’t recognize even if it connects to computer.
■I have no computer, I can’t back up at all
■Although I changed new series. I have no idea how to restore the data.

No worry! We are here to help you!

We can back-up / restore your data from submerged iPhone!

Drop my iPhone into water, and it didn’t turn on!! My data has gone!!

Actually, the fact the data would be gone if it soaked under water is not perfectly correct.
However, because it wasn’t turned on due to a short, or corrosion properly, it could not reach at iTunes or iCloud to back up.

We SMAHOSPITAL is able to save your data even it was dropped into water once.
“For some reason, iPhone doesn’t turn on.” In this case also, feel free to contact us.

With our original technique, we will repair the basis.


The damage of basis (the heart of smartphone) has cause a lot of troubles.

■Doesn’t connect Wi-Fi and its icon was gray-out.
■Seems iPhone is on, but nothing displays and it is dark.
■Doesn’t read SIM card properly
   and many cases more.

Almost these cases are caused not the problem of screen/ battery, but the one of the basis itself.
For instance, a short due to dust or water drop, the deterioration for ages are causes.
Therefore, the trouble of the basis is tricky which any iPhone can be happened to.
However, it is extremely difficult to identify the cause even for expert.
If you are wondering something wrong with your iPhone, feel free to contact us.

The main cause of the basis trouble is “to be submerged”.

Water soaked into iPhone, and it caused corrosion or a short inside. It also caused malfunction or the trouble of powering.

Even these complicated matters above, we are able to fix them!
Feel free to contact us at the store.

Don’t give up even if other repairs advised you “it’s impossible to fix.”, WE are here.
We take pride in solving any cases above mentioned.

iPhoneData Restore / Data Back-up

iPhoneData Restore / Data Back-upは準備中です。詳細はお問い合わせください。

AndroidData Restore / Data Back-up

AndroidData Restore / Data Back-upは準備中です。詳細はお問い合わせください。

iPadData Restore / Data Back-up

iPadData Restore / Data Back-upは準備中です。詳細はお問い合わせください。


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