SMAHOSPITAL OSAKA2 Professional Repairs in Umeda Nakatsu

Recruit iPhone iPad Android in Trouble Repair at Umeda Nakatsu

Become SMAHOSPITAL staff?

Are you interested in being SMAHOSPITAL staff?

We welcome a new staff right now.

The following strength will be plus

– Be skillful with your fingers
– Be keen about gadgets
– Love to build plastic models
– Inexperienced people welcomed


– ¥1,000+ / hour (trial period at the beginning)
Available from 10AM to 08PM in 3+ days a week (shiftwork)

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スマホスピタル大阪梅田店、 スマホスピタル心斎橋店、 スマホスピタル天王寺店のいずれでも受付を承ります。

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