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Privacy Policy iPhone iPad Android in Trouble Repair at Umeda Nakatsu

Privacy Policy

1. Collection of customer personal information

To provide appropriate service to our customers, we may collect their personal information. When asking for their personal information, we clarify the purpose as clearly as we can, and use them within a required range fairly.

2. Use of customer personal information

The customer personal information we collected is used within a range only when we obtained their consent for our purpose.

3. Management of customer personal information

We always manage the collected personal information in a proper way, and also make every effort to avoid hacking, loss, destruction, tampering etc.

4. Policy related to Cookie

What is Cookie?

When you use web page, your input and your use history are transceived between browse and server. Cookie is the function to save these information on your computer. This function enables us, the operator to change the display setting with Cookie information once the customer visit the same page. As long as you allow Cookie on your browse setting, website is able to obtain the Cookie information via users’ browse.

Cookie setting

* Customers can choose the setting about cookie transceiver, such as always allow, always block, ask user or so.
Regarding how to choose the setting, please refer to the help page on your browse you are currently using.

If you chose “always block the cookie”, it may restrict the service: that requires authentication

The act with which we SMAHOSPITAL UMEDA2 uses cookie

For the purpose below, we SMAHOSPITAL UMEDA2 uses cookie.

* To provide customized service for each customer, we refer to the customers’ registration information when they log in

* To provide the contents which the customers may be interested in, and the most appropriate advertisement on other website, based on the customers’ use situation at SMAHOSPITAL UMEDA2 site

* To analyze how many users look SMAHOSPITAL UMEDA2, and traffic status

* To improve our service at SMAHOSPITAL UMEDA2

* To remind the customers of reconfirm / re-authorize password after a while because of security reason

SMAHOSPITAL UMEDA2 may refer to the cookie information through third party who distributes our advertisement as entrusted by an advertisement provider.

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