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Rental iPhone iPhone iPad Android in Trouble Repair at Umeda Nakatsu

Rental iPhone

Simple 4-step Application. That’s it!!

Usage Fee: ¥2,000(before-tax) * Except Okinawa, or one of other remote islands.
Free delivery if repair cost is more than ¥7,000
Rental iPhone will be sent by cash-on-delivery.
Allows you to use till your iPhone is finished repairing

Rental iPhone Request

We will send the following kit to you:

  • 郵送キット
  • 修理依頼書
  • レンタルiPhone
  • SIMピン

◆Repair Request Form, ◆Returned dispatched Form, ◆Rental iPhone itself, ◆SIM pin

Replace SIM card

Replace your own SIM card into Rental iPhone

  • SIMカード差し込み

    Pickup your own SIM card from your iPhone

  • SIMカード差し込み
  • SIMカード差し込み

    Replace your SIM card into Rental iPhone

That’s all.

* Please do the same procedure when you return Rental iPhone to us.

Remember to put SIM pin with it.

Sign a request form after reading the contents.

Fill in the request form contains, confirm the disclaimers, and sign it.

  • 確認サイン

Send us your iPhone and Request Form

Send us your iPhone and Request Form together with the kit we sent

  • 送付する所
  • “Fold the request form in half so that it fits. Be sure to sign request form before sending.”


* Return postage for your fixed iPhone, any relevant cost for returning Rental iPhone is included the rental fee.

* Please check the availability in advance due to limited stock.

* Please understand there’s limited stock of series/color variation.

* Please note the cost differs if you are in Okinawa and the remote islands.

* You would be charged the total sum if Rental iPhone was submerged, damaged, stolen, and missing while you rent it.

* Please return Rental iPhone as soon as your iPhone is fixed.
Unless you returned it to us in a few days, we will charge you the amount equivalent to the security deposit.

Remember to put SIM pin with it.

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