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iPhone / iPad Repair (Send in for repair) iPhone iPad Android in Trouble Repair at Umeda Nakatsu



Send us your iPhone / iPad

Peace of Mind

Rental iPhone available in case of time-consuming repair


Your phone will be return back to you in approximately 3 – 4 days

Simple! Only 4 steps!
Your iPhone or iPad will be fixed as brand-new one.

Send in to our store iPhone(アイフォン)修理 梅田 中津


“Please feel free to contact us for rental iPhone via phone or email.
FREE for rental iPhone if the total repair cost is more than ¥7,000.
You can pickup the rental iPhone at store.”

Request for rental iPhone

Send your iPhone / iPad to us

Enclose the memo with your name, returned address, your contact number, the passcode to unlock, and the device condition.

Repair iPhone / iPad

As soon as the device is delivered to us, we will start repairing.

Return the iPhone / iPad to you

Thank you for your patience. It will be delivered to you safely.

Complete iPhone(アイフォン)修理 梅田 中津


* Please be sure to return the rental iPhone if you borrowed.

故障してるiPhone買取ります 修理店ならではの高額買取価格
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