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Buy Your Unnecessary Mobile Phone! (Any Brand is OK) iPhone iPad Android in Trouble Repair at Umeda Nakatsu

Buy Your Unnecessary Mobile Phone! (Any Brand is OK)


We are more than happy to buy
your unnecessary mobile phone!!

This campaign must be used with the repair menu.
* Note that we have no trade-in service ONLY.

Before changing new iPhone, anyone has the mobile phone somehow. These mobile phone ended up being dormant in your house, trashing, or giving somebody else. Does it hit on you?

If the old mobile phone is still in good condition, you are able to give it in part-exchange to us. We would like to advise everyone to do trade-in it to get cashed, and use the amount to the repair cost.

Requirement for trade-in

In principle, we are glad to purchase any kinds of mobile phone. Multiple purchases welcomed.
* Note that we have little mobile phone which we cannot accept.
* Note that we do not accept the case that trade-in price is more than the one which costs for repair

Protection box, instruction(warranty period is valid for more than 3 months), and any other accessories are in good condition as well as in new.
* The less you have accessories, the less the trade-in price got.

Trade-in Failure
X The item(s) which suspected stolen goods and/or a find illegally
X Turn on the setting “Find the iPhone”, or lock by activation lock system.

Average trade-in price (supposed to Rank A)

Brand name Series Purchased price
Fujitsu arrows NX F-02H ¥36,000
ARROWS NX F-06E ¥25,000
ARROWS NX F-02H ¥55,000
ARROWS NX F-05F ¥42,000
ARROWS X F-02E ¥11,000
ARROWS Tab F-02F ¥20,000
SONY Xperia Z5 SO-01H ¥54,000
Xperia Z5 Premium SO-03H ¥71,000
Xperia Z5 Compact SO-02H ¥58,000
Xperia Z4 SO-03G ¥48,000
Xperia Z3 SO-01G ¥54,000
Xperia A2 SO-04F ¥28,000
Samsung GALAXY S6 edge SC-04G ¥50,000
GALAXY S6 SC-05G ¥35,000
GALAXY Note Edge SC-01G ¥42,000
GALAXY S5 SC-04F ¥40,000
GALAXY Note 3 SC-01F ¥37,000
GALAXY S4 SC-04E ¥21,000
AQUOS Compact SH-02H ¥33,000
AQUOS ZETA SH-01G ¥38,000
AQUOS ZETA SH-04F ¥37,000
Brand name Series Purchased price
Google Nexus 5X 32GB



Nexus 7 2013 32GB ¥20,000
Nexus 7 2012 32GB ¥11,000
HTC HTC J butterfly HTV31 ¥22,000
HTC J butterfly HTL23 ¥21,000
HTC J One HTL22 ¥13,000

How to trade-in mobile phone

Bring it to our store

Clarify the repair cost / Make an appointment to visit us

Visit our store

Assess the trade-in mobile phone (test operation)

Let you know the trade-in price

Repair your iPhone

Give iPhone back to you

When you visit us

Repair quotes (Bring the detailed information about the mobile phone which you want to trade-in.)

Send email about the repair cost to you

Send both the mobile which you would like us to repair, and the one you would like to trade-in

Assess the trade-in mobile phone (test operation)

Repair your iPhone

Report the fact we finish repairing, and send it back

Give iPhone back to you

* In case of changing the assessment price and the actual one, we will let you know in advance. After we received your agreement, we would like to deduct that amount from repair cost.

IMPORTANT: The things we kindly ask you to do beforehand

Before sending or bringing to us, pleas be sure to reset all the setting.
The default setting of passcode is,
docomo: [ 0000 ] all numerals
au: [ 1234 ] all numerals
SoftBank: [ 9999 ] all numerals

* docomo mobile phone has IC app such as “Osaifu Keitai” If your trade-in mobile is that, please remember to reset IC owner beforehand.

If you prefer making online quotes, please fill in the following information:
(1) Carrier (2)Manufacturer (3) Series (4) Color (5) The accessories which you currently have and (6) Rank in condition

Standard of assessment rank

Unused (All the accessories are completed.)

No visible scratches, nearly unused.

Less scratches, and some minor signs of use.

Some scratches or baldness, there are signs of use.

Some obvious scratches or baldness


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